The Belt and Sino-European Relations


In the previous post, Silk Road- Alternative Governance, we stated that “some experts claim there is a deeper and more competitive objective of modern ‘Silk Road’. They claim that the initiative is a Chinese grand strategy towards Europe, Asia, and Africa…” The Silk Road Initiative (The Belt) is a currently vague but evolving, long-term vision of China for Eurasian infrastructural improvement...

Silk Road- Alternative Governance?


Arguably, the essence of the “Silk Road Economic Belt” is to provide an equal consideration to both the East and the West, considering equivalently the North and the South, finding an equilibrium for the land and the sea, and linking domestic with cross-border.  This is the novelty and priority of China’s peripheral diplomacy and a strategic support and deliberate guarantee of the “China Dream”...

BREXIT, Nationalism, EU


Author: MOHAMED A. EL-ERIAN The aftermath of the United Kingdom’s unexpected vote in June to leave the European Union is being monitored closely. People all over the world – and particularly in Europe – want to know how Brexit will unfold, not just to manage its specific effects, but also to gain insight into what is likely to happen if other upcoming votes tip in favor of nationalist agendas...

Dilemma of BREXIT


urope witnesses it’s first-of-its-sort tragedy throughout EU history. UK became the first country to ‘divorce’ EU since its creation. The event has become the headline in every prominent news and it still continues to be. As there were Leavers and Keepers, now there are pessimists and optimists about the future of both EU and UK.